When do I need to arrive?

You will need to make arrangements to fly into Salt Lake City International Airport. Find a flight that arrives after 1:00 pm on Monday, May 20. We will arrange transportation from the airport to Park City if you arrive between 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

Do I need a car?

We will make arrangements to get you from the airport to the hotel and back. Once in Park City there is an excellent (and free) bus system. The hotel also has a shuttle to take you in to Main Street where most of the shops and restaurants are.

What if I'm traveling alone?

About half of our retreat participants will be individuals traveling alone. We also have people traveling with a friend, a spouse or their entire family.

How hard are the rides?

We are riding in the mountains between 4,800 ft elevation to 9,700 ft elevation. We have selected rides with a balance between climbing and rolling on the flats. You don't have to do all the climbs, we can always transport you along the course. We want this to be challenging and still enjoyable. We want you to feel accomplished and will support your rides to be sure you get the right mix of fun, fitness and enjoyment.

Who are your ride leaders?

We are using a mix of current and retired professional cyclists as well as some local legends. There will be a riding pace for everyone, those that want to chase with the pros can push all day and those that want to enjoy the scenery can stay with other ride leaders.

What if I need to bail out of one ride?

If you need to take a break or finish a ride early, we will be there shortly in a support vehicle. We will pick you up and transport you until you are ready to ride again. Support vehicles will be on the routes each day to be sure you are hydrated and fueled.

Will there be aid stations during each ride?

All meals, snacks, and ride nutrition are included.

How long is each ride?

See the Strava description of each ride. We are staggering harder rides with easier rides so you have a day between each hard ride to recover while still seeing the Wasatch Mountains.

What are the route profiles like?

See the Strava description of each ride.

Are all meals included?

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner are included (except dinner on Main Street Thursday evening). There will be plenty of snacks for the rides and in between meals. We will have high quality food prepared for every part of your day.

Can my significant other join?

The rooms are double occupancy so there is not additional cost for the room. If they want to eat with us there is an additional $640 charge for the week ($270 for children under 12). Your significat other(s) will have an endless list of things to do by checking out our "things to do in Park City". Additionally, the Hyatt Cetnric has a pool, spa, business center and game room.

What do I need to bring to the Wasatch?

At the end of May, the mornings in the Wasatch can be cool. In addtion to your helemt, cycling kits, pedals and cycling shoes you'll need arm and leg warmers as well as 2-3 layers over your jersey. You may start the ride with an undershirt, jersey, vest, arm warmers and a wind jacket. By lunchtime, you will likely be in short sleeves. See "What to Pack" for more details.

Are rental bikes available?

Yes, we have partnered with Contender Bicyles to provide rental bikes for this retreat. You will pay for the rental through our website, then Contender will deliver the bike to the hotel on Monday afternoon. They are also offering mountain bikes, road bikes or e-bike rentals for your significant other.

What if I'm not into yoga?

We have hired a yoga instructor that has taught hundreds of cycists while being an avid cyclist herself. She understands the demands we are putting on your body during each of the rides. Each session will leave you rejuvinated and invogorated. This will be healing and restoritive yoga. Attendance is not mandatory, you are welcome to rest in your room a little longer in the morning.

Are special menu options available?

We will work with your allergies and specific diets. There will be gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, paleo options. We undestand how important it is to athletes like you to stick with your diet. We will communicate with you after signing up to be sure we have food you will enjoy.

Where will my bike be stored?

We have a locked space for everyone's bike at the hotel. When you are done riding for the day, we can take care of your bike. Our mechanic will look over your bike at the end of each day. We will store it safely and lovingly over night and deliver it to you when it is time to ride!

Do I need trip insurance?

You can obtain trip insurance by contacting your insurance agent or our insurance agent: Leslie Fredette. Email her here.

What do I need to pack?

We've put together a checklist of items and gear that you will want to be sure to pack.