Mountain Bike trail rides around Park City.

Women in the Wasatch Mountains-Mountain biking retreat

If you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, we have a coach, curriculum and trail for you.

Friday and Saturday morning, you’ll spend a couple of hours with the coaches, developing your mountain bike skills. The afternoons will be spent on the trail putting your new skills into practice. The spirit of the Wasatch afternoon rides are no-drop and are not meant to be races. When working on skills, we always take breaks and make sure everyone stays with their coach and group.

We’ve carefully selected trails that are both scenic and challenging, and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Each day the coaches will explain the route, including shorter options. We will be sure to group you with riders of similar skill level.

Friday, September 20th

RTS Loop or RTS with BYOB & OMH

democrata alley

Beginner route:

RTS loop - This loop begins with a few minutes pedaling on relatively flat terrain. Proceed to a gentle climb of 165' that has a few turns and switchbacks. At the top, you’'ll have time to practice the downhill berm skills we taught you in morning! It is a gentle downhill with lots of opportunities to add skill. Depending on weather and trail conditions, we can skip the second half of the loop and do another short loop. There are lots of variations on this trail to fit the needs of every beginner rider.

Wasatch Friday Intermediate.png

Intermediate route:

RTS, OMH, BYOB - We’ll start at the same location as the beginner RTS loop. At the top of the climb, we will climb another 180’ to put us at the top of a new downhill-only trail called OHM. OMH has around 22 perfectly built berms that are ideal for the intermediate rider to practice on. At the end of OMH, we'll pedal lower RTS back around until we get to the other downhill only trail named BYOB. This intermediate trail has some rocky features we can session (or walk around if you aren't feeling it). We will finish with the end of the RTS loop and join the rest of the group near the trailhead.

Saturday, September 21st

Round Valley or Shadow Lake

kamas to wolf creek

Beginner route:

Round Valley - The perfect place to practice your new skills is the variety of trails located throughout Round Valley. There are rocks and corners of every size that are all perfect for those looking to increase their confidence. Depending on weather and group energy, this day can be as short as 2 miles or as long as 5 miles.

Wasatch Saturday Intermediate mountain bike coaching

Intermediate route:

Shadow Lake - This is the most epic and beautiful day we have to offer! We will be shuttled to Gaurdsman Pass, where we ride Scott's Bypass (possibly one of the most scenic trails we have! It straddles the ridge and provides a 360° view of the Wasatch Mountains). We then descend into the Shadow Lake Valley (second most scenic area). The elevation hovers around 9,200', with tall pine trees all around. We take various trails to descend all the way into Park City. There are multiple teaching opportunities along the way, providing you with a truly unique all-in-one experience!

Sunday, September 22nd

Lost Prospector or Jennis

Chalk Creek to Coalville ride

Beginner route:

Lost Prospector - After a 2 minute spin on the bike path, we turn onto Freemason, a gentle climb with nice stands of trees for shade. With a total of 400' of climbing, you'll end up on Lost Prospector, a scenic trail that gives you views of downtown Park City. You might also find a moose getting a drink from their favorite stream below. As you traverse Lost Prospector, you'll encounter aspens and scrub oak as well as many different small rocks to add interesting (fun) challenges! The descent is through densely treed Skid Row and a series of 13 berms that are an excellent venue to practice your new skills

Wasatch Sunday Intermediate.png

Intermediate route:

Jenni’s, John’s, Sweeny’s Switchbacks (or alternate route of Loose Moose, CMG) - Jenni's is one of Park City's classic and most popular up-hill only climbs. After a few minutes of climbing, you find yourself in beautiful stands of aspens and pines. For those who are feeling ready for a challenge, we'll take you over to Flat Cable and Sweeny's Switchbacks. An alternate route would be Loose Moose and CMG as our descent.

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